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Marina Zervou 

is an artist and art teacher from Cyprus. Her work has featured various exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Mexico.

Marina was in charge of the creation and design of educational programs for secondary general education in the field of Museum Education. Within this context, she collaborated with museums and art-galleries, like the Archeological Museum in Nicosia, Leventios Gallery, and NiMAC. She organized and coordinated student and art teachers’ guided tours, workshops, and lectures within museum and gallery spaces. As an art teacher, Marina participated in a number of Erasmus Plus programs and also represented Cyprus in Tallinn for the European Junior Achievement Award Competition after her team of students and colleagues won the JAA in 2014.

Marina holds a BA in Fine Arts, from the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied on a scholarship by the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece. She continued her studies at the University of the Arts London (UAL), Camberwell College of Arts, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Drawing.


Souzana Petri

Souzana Petri, graduated with a Distinction from the University of Brighton, in the United Kingdom, where she studied for her Mdes 3D Design and Crafts, specializing in ceramics and metals. She draws inspiration from ancient ceramic art and history, incorporating a modern tweak to her work to communicate her message to her audience. Souzana has been organizing educational ceramic art workshops all over Cyprus, utilizing her art and craft to teach the history of Cyprus through innovative and interactive methodologies. She was involved in the planning and implementation of educational projects in collaboration with various organizations such as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, the University of Cyprus, and the Pierides Archaeological Museum. Her work has featured in exhibitions in Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Vienna. Today she runs her own workshop located in the historic center of Nicosia.



Christos R. Tsiailis

Christos R. Tsiailis is a Cypriot author. He is an English teacher, currently a candidate for Masters’ degree in the theory of theatre. His passion for writing consumes most of his time, when he is not out training as a triathlete. He is the author of six books including novels, short story collections and poetry collections. He travels a lot, recording memories from everywhere, which he incarnates in various literature genres. His publications include short stories and poems in literary magazines and anthologies around the world. Some of his work has been translated in many languages. He has received numerous prizes for his short stories, theatrical plays and poetry. He is occasionally a member of Panhellenic literary contests’ committees. He has translated poetry collections, individual poems and short stories of authors from other countries, from English to Greek. The author organises and teaches in literature workshops and writers’ retreats. He is a coordinator in the Strovolos Municipality cultural club and director in the Diavaseis writers’ group. He is a member of the Cyprus Authors’ Association and the European Versopolis Cultural Organisation. He serves the theatre at the position of assistant director and as a playwright.



Andreas Kyriakou is a graphic designer and has thirteen years of experience as an art director in the field of advertising. He has worked with clients such as ION AE, Bank of Cyprus, Debenhams, Opap Cyprus and many more.

Andreas is passionate about graphic design and has a knack for turning ideas into visual art. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Arizona.


Eleni Rafaela Anagnostopoulou

Eleni Rafaela Anagnostopoulou, a North Carolina, USA born artist, with a southern attitude and accent, moved to Greece with her family at a very young age. Her artistic expression, thinking and style has evolved from experiences of the Carolinas and her new home. She draws inspiration mainly from imaginary and unreal settings she envisions while listening to music. She uses digital and traditional mediums to create her art. She studied Environmental and Agricultural Engineering in Athens but her passion for drawing and painting has persisted throughout the years. She enjoys long walks and discussions on various topics such as social, environmental and animal rights issues. She currently works for the Greek America Foundation, and is the Director for the Greek America Corps volunteer program in Greece.


Echo Wants Her Voice Back

Echo Wants Her Voice Back or simply Echo, is a Cypriot-born, London based singer-songwriter, and actress, often described as folk noir with blues rock influences. Echo’s distinctive voice, notable stage presence and compelling lyrics have been praised by music publications, with Songwriting Magazine comparing her to the likes of Kate Bush or Lorde. She self-released a debut EP in 2015, and went on to perform at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival. Fast forward to today, she has released a series of singles and music videos on her YouTube channel, alongside a constant stream of updates on her social media.  Her song “Mermaids” was released on the 15th of November, in collaboration with Paris based rapper/producer The Spectre and was picked up by BBC Introducing as part of its radio showcase. “Blue Lament”, her eighth single,  is a live acapella recording, released on the 12th of February 2021.






Avramis Despotis

Avramis Despotis is a guitarist and singer. Having received his Diploma as a guitar teacher at the age of 16, he started teaching in various music schools until the establishment of his own music school in 2003 which operated for 15 years. In 2016 he was awarded the Vocal Diploma from Trinity College London. For more than 20 years he performed with bands in events and concerts as a guitarist and a singer. Avramis holds a Bsc and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University in USA, specializing in Telecommunications. He has worked as an Electrical Engineer in telecommunications companies, and for the last ten years he served as a teacher of Design and Technology in Secondary Education. He was also a Consultant Officer of Design and Technology for 3 consecutive years and an Education Officer in the department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. As an ICT expert, he has vast experience in the management and implementation of various projects, with an emphasis on ICT. He is the author of "Learning Robotics in a Smart City” a book on educational robotics with learning material and robotics program activities which are harmonized with the modern findings of neuroeducation and apply the philosophy of STEAM and Project based-learning.

Marilena Achilleos

Marilena Achilleos is a Cypriot actress and co-creator of the theatre group PARASTASIS.  Marilena's presence was notable during theatrical performances and film productions in Cyprus. At the same time, Marilena writes poetry, script for the screen, and plays. Her plays received prizes and praise within the frame of corresponding competitions in Greece. Her poems appear in the anthology

The Younger Ones - Cypriot Poets and Poetesses (Armida, 2020), as well as in online magazines, blogs etc. She also appears as a guest poet on the weekly radio show “Poetry with Meter or Without”. 

Dimitris Tanoudis

Dimitris Tanoudis was born in Athens (1981). Since 2009, he delivers seminars, workshops and lectures concerning literary writing. He translates and edits texts and fictional books. He has published novels, as well as theatrical plays, which were performed onstage. He received the EKEVI Award for Upcoming Writers (2011) and was nominated for the State Literary Award (2012). He is a reader (novel and short story collections) for the “Purple Squirrel” publishing house.


Spasm (novel, Nefeli ’11) 

The feeling of return (play, Poema ’14)

Soils (novel, Nefeli ’14)

Around the fire (play, Fairead ’16)

The need to be a barbarian (novel, The Purple Squirrel ’20)