ARTiculate - an Alternative Approach for Participation in Democratic Life

Active participation of young Europeans in Democratic life and its representative institutions is pivotal for safeguarding the legitimacy, credibility, and operation of European democratic systems. Nevertheless, young people are less likely to be involved in traditional forms of participation. According to Eurobarometer the percentage of young persons participating in EU elections is limited to 45-55%. Youth absenteeism does not mean that young persons are apathetic. Studies show that “younger persons’ political engagement has shifted away from electoral politics towards cause-orientated political action and networking.” Young people choose to engage differently and they prefer ‘alternative forms’ of participation. Democratic Institutions run the risk of not being able to interpret these new forms of youth participation and young people run the risk of not being heard.

ARTiculate constitutes an ‘alternative’ approach for participation in democratic life, based on our common European values, civic engagement and participation. It will bring less-heard voices to the forefront through creative expression and influence public discourse. Young participants, will be actively involved in all stages of the project and, thus, they will be enabled to a meaningful participation and a sense of ownership over the project as a whole.

Aligned with the EU Youth Strategy, the project will aim to engage, connect, and empower young Europeans to ARTiculate their opinions and views on issues that matter to them the most so they can be heard via an alternative platform—the arts—participate in public discourse, involving themselves in the making of their common European future.